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Ballet Shoes and Slippers


Ballet Shoes and Slippers

Ballet shoes or trainers is a term used to describe the ballet shoes that dancers wear during training and performances. These shoes are also known as ballet pointe shoes or just pointe shoes. Ballet shoes may have laces or straps that are used to secure the shoe to the dancer's foot and provide additional support. There are many different types of ballet sponges that vary in size, shape and material. A dancer can choose shoes according to his personal preferences and needs. Ballet shoes are an important part of the equipment of every ballerina, dancer and dancer. Their correct selection and appropriate adjustment can have a significant impact on the dancer's performance and comfort during training and performances. In our store you can find ballet sponges, dance exercises, children's ballet exercises, women's men's children's dance exercises and sponges of the brand Sansha, Bloch, Rumpf, Grand Prix. Ballet Shoes and Slippers for children, women and men. Soft ballet shoes with full sole and split sole. Canvas or leather Ballet Slippers for kids and adults.