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10/11/2018 12:00:00 am
Gymnastic or ballet leotard?
Gymnastic leotard is a type of sportswear made of elastic fabric. It is widely used in choreography, ballet, sports and modern gymnastics, acrobatics, aerobics, trampoline jumping, figure skating. Used as a regular garment for training and trials, but also for performances on stage and competitions.
02/07/2018 09:34:00 am
How to choose Gymnastics Apparatus?
When preparing a program in Rhythmic Gymnastics, it is of significant importance to consistently choose not only the leotord for each gymnastic rooutine but also the gymnastic equipment on which the gymnast performs. Only in this case will the image be perfect and harmonious, and the gymnast can show off their mastery in the competitions as the result of many years of intensive training.
12/16/2016 01:00:00 am
How to choose Gymnastics clubs?
Clubs for modern gymnastics should be of exact size and weight and made from quality rubber or plastic. Clubs size is determined by the gymnast's height and her arm length. For girls aged 3-7, small gymnastics clubs with the height of 36 cm are appropriate for girls aged 8-11, middle-sized clubs measuring 40-41 cm are a good choice for girls aged 11 and older, choose standard clubs measuring 44-45 cm.

SOLO DANCE is a shop with clothing for rhythmic gymnastics, dancewear, gymnastics apparatus and accessories.

In the Rhythmic Gymnastics online shop SOLODANCE.EU you will find Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment Apparatuses from brands SASAKI, CHACOTT, PASTORELLI, VENTURELLI, AMAYA, DVILLENA, BALESPO. Clothing for rhythmic gymnastics, dance and ballet: gymnastic leotards, gymnastic t-shirts and tops, shorts and leggings, skirts for ballet, warm clothes and legwarmers, clothes with the "sauna" effect, underwear for training and performances, half-shoes for rhythmic gymnastics, shoes for contemporary dance and modern jazz, aerobic shoes, bags and backpacks for rhythmic gymnastics and dance accessories. Dance clothes, rhythmic gymnastic clothes, training clothing is an important element of the professional equipment for gymnasts or dancers.
- clothing for modern and sports gymnastics, dancewear for training
- gymnastics apparatus for modern gymnastics
- clothing to warm up, knee protectors and legwarmers
- clothing with sauna effect
- underwear for trainings and performances
- gymnastics half-shoes and socks
- shoes for contemporary dance, such as contemp and modern jazz
- holders for gymnastics apparatus, bags and backpacks
- gymnastic and dance accessories.

We cooperate with private as well as with corporate clients: gymnastics clubs, ballet schools, theaters and dance groups.
What we offer:
- permanently high quality production
- competitive prices
- wide range of goods