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Balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics


Balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics

How to choose a Rhythmic Gymnastics ball?

A Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball for modern gymnastics should be of an appropriate size and weight, made of good quality rubber, and match a gymnast's style during her perfomance. The size of the ball is determined by the gymnast's height and by the size of her hand. The ball should fall into the palm so that the gymnast can hold it comfortably and perform the “figure-of-eight” exercise. For professional gymnasts aged 15 and over, the equipment should conform to the standards of the Federation of International Gymncstics (marked FIG Approved). Equipment with this mark is suitable for appearances at international tournaments. However, it is best to consult the choice with one's coach.

The quality of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball for modern gymnastics depends on the quality of the material from which it is made. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball must be made of high quality rubber that is pleasant to the touch and covered with a special layer that creates a feeling of adhesion (when you take the ball into your hand, it feels like it is “stuck” to it). The Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball should also be well-balanced, which means that when you let it fall to the floor, it should bounce upward and not sideways. Professional balls should always be properly balanced. For this reason, trainers recommend that young gymnasts exercise with professional balls by the well-known PASTORELLIVENTURELLISASAKI and CHACOTT  brands right from the start.
The ball needs to be inflated with a special pump for Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball that contains the optimal amount of air. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball is to be inflated gradually in small quantities. These special pumps have a rounded needle that does not damage the valve. When inflating the ball, it is necessary to moisten the pump needle with water to avoid damaging the valve. When inserting the needle into the ball, pay attention so that you penetrate the ball at the right angle. Otherwise it could damage the valve.
When you inflate the ball, check it by touch. It should be a little soft so that you can pick it up from above. Do not inflate the ball too much - you could deform it!
The ball must be stored in a special holder for Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball. It preserves the ball's volume even if the outside temperature is lower. Lower temperatures may cause the ball to deflate, but a warm cover is able to prevent this. The case also helps to keep the ball clean and scratch-free. If the ball gets dirty, you can wash it with soap and dry it with a towel.