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How to choose Gymnastics clubs?
Clubs for modern gymnastics should be of exact size and weight and made from quality rubber or plastic. Clubs size is determined by the gymnast's height and her arm length. For girls aged 3-7, small gymnastics clubs with the height of 36 cm are appropriate for girls aged 8-11, middle-sized clubs measuring 40-41 cm are a good choice for girls aged 11 and older, choose standard clubs measuring 44-45 cm. For professional gymnasts aged 15 and over, the equipment should conform to the standards of the Federation of International Gymnastics (marked FIG Approved). Equipment with this mark is suitable for appearances at international tournaments.

Rhythmic gymnastics clubs are made of rubber, plastic, or a combination of the two materials. Plastic gymnastics clubs are becoming less popular and are being replaced by the more professional rubber clubs.  The rubber gymnastics clubs advantage is that even an inexperienced or very young gymnast is not afraid to throw and catch them or to try new and difficult exercises. For this reason, trainers recommend that young gymnasts exercise with the professional clubs by SASAKI, VENTURELLI, PASTORELLI, CHACOTT a AMAYA right from the start. 

It is recommended that you store the clubs in a special holder for gymnastics clubs that will protect them from dirt and scratches. Rhythmic gymnastics clubs of any size or material can be decorated with tapes. There are adhesive tapes of many colours and shades on the market that you can turn into shapes of your own choosing and adorn the cones with.  It is necessary that such decorated rhythmic gymnastics clubs be covered with a protective layer of transparent tape so the adornment is fixed. Be creative when choosing tapes or acrylic paint motifs - they will add an original touch to a young gymnast's performance.